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To register for one of our clinics, follow these steps:

2) Select the location you want to attend (West Los Angeles or Chatsworth)

3) Select the week you wish to participate in by clicking "Register Now".

4) Login into your account or create one if needed. Once you create an account, you will receive an email to verify your account. Please do so.

5) Fill out your personal profile and continue.

6) Select the number of players you wish to register.

7) You will be prompted to the activity you selected ( you also have to option to choose additional weeks of summer clinics or other activities to add to your registration). Scroll down and continue.

8) You will see the initial breakdown of your order summary, and what the total due is today. Continue to the next step.

9) Under Coupon Code, enter code: 643345 and apply to order summer. The new total amount will be updated.

10) Scroll down and complete your order.

You are all set!

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