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It's Time to Be BRAVE

Athletes, this may not seem like a post about college recruiting, and it may not have some of the technical information you may be searching for. Although it may not seem like it, if you listen to what this post is telling you, you will find yourself becoming a better person and athlete, and subsequently, having an easier time within the recruiting process. Yes athletes, this is a post about being brave and the pathways it will open for you.

What do I mean by being brave?

Don’t be perfect Listen up because MISTAKES ARE NOT WHAT DEFINE YOU AS A PLAYER. It’s how you REACT to them. So be brave and make a few mistakes here and there. The greatest athletes in the world will make mistakes, and you will too. When you make mistake you learn from it and become a better player. Take mistakes on with a positive attitude of “I’ll get it next time!”, instead of sulking.

Ask yourself, “Why am I here”? Identify your passion for the sport you play and what drives you to be your best. Do you have goals? Be brave, set self-doubt aside, and go after them.

Now ask yourself, “What are my strengths”? You know yourself better than anyone else. Identify your strengths and go out onto the field, court, rink, etc. and HAVE THE COURAGE to show it.

Have the courage to not say sorry anymore. Remember this is a game of mistakes and saying sorry will get you nowhere. Hold yourself accountable, you don’t need to announce to the world you messed up.

Challenge yourself to LET LOOSE. This is the sport you love. Feel the pressure and use it to your advantage to succeed.

Lastly, be brave enough to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF even when it may seem like others don’t. When something goes wrong you should take it as an opportunity to fight even harder for what you are trying to achieve, especially since YOU DESERVE IT.

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