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Everything You Need To Know About Calling College Coaches

Calling College Coaches

Calling coaches is probably one of the scariest parts of the recruiting process. You may think that a coach doesn’t want to talk to you, that you are annoying them, you will sound stupid or you don’t know what to say. Well, to start you are NOT annoying the coach. Receiving calls from players is something that coaches do all the time. It is a crucial part of the recruiting process that you CANNOT leave out. Yes it is scary, and you don’t want to sound stupid, but picking up the phone means a lot to a coach. Plus, since they do this all the time they KNOW how scary this is for you and are very understanding over the phone. In fact, they will probably carry most of the conversation for you. They are professionals, and they will help you through the call. But, even after knowing this, it will probably take you 30-45 min to muster up the confidence to press send ( I know it took me that long), which is why I made this guide! So, without further ado, here is everything you need to know about marketing yourself through the phone and communicating with college coaches.

Some things to remember before you call:

-Remember to review the rules regarding how coaches can contact you depending on what grade you are in, and how old you are. These rules are designed to allow athletes to be able to make the best decision at the right time in regards to choosing their future school.

- Below is a transparent and easy to ready article on NCAA 2021 recruiting rules, please take the time to go over these.

How do I call a Coach?

You can find a coach’s contact information in many ways. First, start off by asking your club coach if they have the college coach’s number. If they do, and you are not a junior yet, your coach can set up a phone call for you. If not, you’re going to have to do some work. You can find a coach’s office number on the school’s website. From there, you will just have to try calling until they answer. If a coach does not answer, LEAVE A VOICEMAIL that includes your name, position, year, why you are calling, and when you will call again. Sometimes a coach has a secretary that will answer. Don’t panic! Ask if the coach is in and if not ask when a better time to call is and have her/him leave a message for the coach detailing when you will call again. Don’t ever think you are being annoyed, and don’t give up until they pick up the phone. The best time to call a coach is most likely in the late afternoon. Know the coach’s time zone so you are not interrupting them during dinner, for example.

See at the bottom for a link to practice role-play conversation with some helpful tips.

Why do I need to call coaches?

Calling coaches is one of the biggest ways to market yourself as a player and stand out to a coach. As you may know, coaches get hundreds of emails a day/week of players asking them to come to watch them play or watch their video, etc. Do you really think they can remember each person’s name, or put all of them down on their schedule as someone to watch? NO! This is why calling coaches sets you apart. Not many players have the maturity or confidence to pick up the phone and college coaches know this. That’s why when they answer, you introduce yourself and tell them the dates of your next game, you can be sure they will remember your name the next time they see an email or a brochure and that they will put you down as a player to watch. It shows your interest is genuine, you are mature, and you are confident in yourself as a person and a player. These are all invaluable qualities coaches look for in a player that they may not be able to see on the field.