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Boys 2009 & Boys 2013 are Spring Cup 2022 Champions 🏆 Boys 2011 black & 2011 White both Finalists ⚽️

Congratulations to the B2009 Black team for winning the CSL Spring Cup last weekend! The boys showed a great style of soccer, and were able to bring home the gold!

After a lot of setbacks throughout the last 12 months, the boys are maturing nicely and are showing great chemistry and team spirit. Their growth is undeniable and, as a result, the brand of soccer they are playing is enjoyable to watch and very effective.

This is the second tournament win of the season for the boys, who won the Irvine World Cup last August.

Congratulations to the B2013 Black team for winning the CSL Spring Cup (Flight 1) last weekend! The boys dominated the competition, winning the final of the tournament with an outstanding score of 7-2.

B2013 displayed an amazing style of soccer for the whole spring, winning every game played in league and cup. The boys also reached the final of State Cup last February, for a total of 19 wins and 1 loss in the last 20 games!

Congratulations to the Boys 2011 Black and Boys 2011 White for reaching the final at the 2022 CSL Spring Cup.

Well done everybody! We are proud of you!

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