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Our Boys 2011 Black, State Cup Champions🥇, qualified for the 2023 US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup 🏆🇺🇸

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

The 2023 US Youth Soccer Far West Presidents Cup is set to be an exciting event for the youth talent across the United States. The tournament, which will take place from June 16-20 in Boise, Idaho, will feature some of the best young players from the region, including the U12 Boys & Girls teams who will be competing for the prestigious regional title.

For our U12 Boys, the opportunity to participate in this tournament is an exceptional achievement. Their win at the State Cup has earned them the chance to represent their team and showcase their skills on a national stage. With the stakes high, the team is sure to put their best foot forward and give it their all in hopes of taking home the top honor for their age group.

Aside from the tournament itself, the experience of participating in the Far West Presidents Cup will be a valuable one for the young players. They will have the opportunity to meet and compete against other talented athletes from across the region, gaining valuable exposure and learning from their experiences. This exposure could also potentially open doors for future opportunities in soccer at the collegiate or professional level.

For parents and coaches, the tournament is a chance to support their young athletes and help them achieve their dreams. With the team's hard work and dedication paying off, it's important to celebrate their achievements and continue to encourage them in their pursuits.

In conclusion, the 2023 US Youth Soccer Far West Presidents Cup is a significant opportunity for the U12 Boys team to showcase their skills and compete against other talented players. It's a chance to demonstrate their hard work and dedication to the sport while also gaining valuable experience and exposure. The tournament will undoubtedly be an exciting event for all involved, and we wish the team the best of luck in their pursuit of the regional title.

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Leslie Bradley
Leslie Bradley
Aug 14, 2023

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