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14 Players selected for CalSouth PRO + ODP

We are happy to announce that 14 of our talented players selected to be part of Cal South Pro+ ODP Winter Pools 2023. This is a impressive improvement from last year's when 6 of our players were selected.

PRO+, the next evolution of player identification and development in the United States, combines all of Cal South’s current and future elite player development initiatives, and places them under one integrated structure.

The Olympic Developmental Program (ODP) identifies high caliber players and provides these players with the opportunity to compete at the next level for the purpose of having a higher probability of reaching the U.S. National Team. Players are selected for this program based on their current technique, tactics, fitness and athletic ability, and psychological component (attitude). The ultimate goals for players identified by ODP are to help develop and advance players in their aspirations in reaching college teams, professional and international teams. The ODP regularly places 40% of its players into the U.S. National Team player pools. Every year, in the winter, spring and summer, Calsouth identifies a pool of players for each age group and trains them for a few weeks until they finalize a roster of players that competes against ODP programs of other states, until a National Champion is declared.

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