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Juventus Training Experience April 2023

We are excited to announce that Juventus Academy Los Angeles will participate in the Juventus Training Experience in Italy in April 2023. In preparation for the trip, you can find more details below. 

2023 *Itinerary:

The package includes the following:

  • Full board accommodation for all participants (7 days) including breakfast, lunch and 
    dinner (starting from the dinner of the first day to the breakfast of the last one) 

  • 6 nights at the J hotel, 

  • 4 Juventus coaches during field activities 

  • 1 team leader for the entire experience 

  • 3 training sessions

  • 3 International friendly matches

  • Physiotherapist/Doctor during training sessions and friendly matches

  • Insurance for all participants 

  • Juventus Museum and Allianz Stadium tour for all participants 

  • Welcome meeting at the J Hotel

  • Medal and certificate for each player 

  • Turin City tour (2 hours with private guide) 

  • Training Session at the Juventus Training Center JTC in Vinovo

  • Reggia Venaria tour or similar TBD

  • Bus transfer J-Hotel to training and match
    (* Minor changes to itinerary are possible)


Not included: Serie A match ticket Juventus-Verona at the Allianz Stadium. Possible semi final ticket of Italy Cup at the Allianz stadium. Airfare ticket/s not included.



Can my son/daughter travel without a family member?

We strongly advise for one family member to participate in this trip. 2007 and older can travel without a family member but they will be under the Coach’s supervision. 

Can I arrive before the beginning date or leave after the departure date?

Yes, we will meet you at the J Hotel on Saturday April 1 anytime in the afternoon and we will leave on Friday April 7 in the morning. You can extend your trip either before and/or after. If you extend your trip before and/or after all related expsnes must be paid by you.

Once in Turin am I obligated to follow my daughter/son during training and matches?

Once we arrive in Turin you are not obligated to follow your daughter/son as she/he will be part of the team activities which include include supervision and transportation. You are free to go shopping in Via Roma 😁 

When should I book my flight?

As soon as you pay the deposit to reserve your spot you should book your flight and notify us.


What if my teammate can’t come?

This is an Academy trip. That means that if your teammate can’t attend it, we will group you with other players (younger or older) that are participating. The trip is open to boys and girls 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006 - 2005 - 2004. 


Is there another trip to Italy with Juventus during this season?

Yes, in June 2023 we will participate in the Juventus Academy World Cup. For this year the World Cup will only be open to the Boys 2011 Black and Boys 2013 Black. At this moment Juventus has not released details about the WC so we can’t answer anymore questions. We will update you on this event as soon as we hear from Juventus in Turin. Here you can find the details from the past edition LINK


Can I participate in both the Training Experience and the World Cup events?

Yes, you can. The more experience you gain in Europe, the more you will be ready for International competition. Both the Juventus trips are very professional and well organized.

What am I paying as a parent?

As a participant, regardless of being a player or a parent, you will be receiving 3 meals per day, accommodation and all the features listed above including transportation. This applies to any other family member you will bring along on this trip.

Is the price the same of last year?

The price is $200 higher than last year as all costs related to the training experience have increased; in particular, the cost of the J Hotel stay increases significantly on match weekends/weeknights.

Is the Academy going to do a fundraiser to support the families?

Once you pay the deposit we will record your interest and payment's preference. If you select that you need financial support we will group you with other families with the same need and we will start a GoFindMe Page. You will be asked to actively participate in the fundraiser between so that the funds can be equally divided between the participants. You will be asked to sign up to a payment plan but we will prorate the monthly payment/s when the funds are collected and distributed. 

When do I sign up for this?

You can sign up by paying a $500 deposit per person. The registration page will close on September 30th.

Below you can find the videos of our trip in April 2022

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