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This is the official invitation to join the Juventus Academy of Los Angeles.

We are excited to see you join the our Family! 


Registration Steps:

1) Complete the payment here

2) Please send a headshot picture and a picture of the birth certificate (or passport).


3) For uniform, please let me know the size and I'll let you know what the available numbers are. The remainder of the uniform package must be purchased at Niky's Sports Santa Monica. You can see all details (included mandatory and optional items in the order form below).

4) I will soon add you to StackTeamApp (our communication platform) and will send you information on how to use it. Additionally I'll send you more paperwork for you to sign on a platform called DocuSign. Please be on the lookout for that. 

The tuition includes a striped jersey and a backpack. The number of the grey jersey MUST match the number of the striped jersey. Please note that because you're new to the club, the purchase of a ball is mandatory. Players must bring it to practice and pre-game warmup all of the time.



Manu Appelius

Juventus Academy Los Angeles Head of Operations and Assistant Technical Director

Download Niky's sports order
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